Monday, April 27, 2009

I had once believed there was time to do things, after all... I could stop time, bend time, will and manipulate time.

When my horns were cut off and I could no longer collect the astral to keep me alive time slipped through my own fingers. There was a way to stay alive in this linear realm and that was by taking the time of others.

So I stayed in this perpetual linear life, wandering... stealing life from others. What can I say, I am a demon. That changed when I met her... and now she is not here... her life was cut and what hurts me is she willingly gave it up with no regrets.

The train whistle blows, a proper English mother with her daughter steps into the train takes a look at me and hurries her child to somewhere else. I simply look away not caring about their thoughts or actions.

'Fools' If I wished them dead they would never have even seen him before they met their god.

I tugged at the collar around my neck, the binding I willingly placed myself as punishment of my past transgressions. Though now it served another purpose than being an object of reliquary.

Again I looked at the scroll in my hand, sent to me by a delicious owl.

I wondered at its meaning. 'Return.' it simply read and the commanding handwriting could only be that of the master of the house.

No more hiding? no, I was tired of hiding. I hid as a jaeger, I hid among the fey but my demonic nature was not something one can simply erase.

I am a monster, a nightmare, that woman was right to sit far away and take her daughter with her. With the regeneration of my horns thanks to the master I have no need to hide. I am not constrained by time anymore... and most importantly... no more will anyone have to suffer because of me.

Though it is difficult to control this body because of the horns, I feel I need to keep myself in suspended animation, stop my own time until I am needed far away from everyone.

At one time before my horns were restored I traveled with a time lord amused by his ability to use time to his advantage. His name was even more amusing to me, Timeless.

But after I was whole again, he saw what sort of being I was... dangerous to even his existence.

It was sad to leave as he was the closest thing I had to a friend.

But I had a brother.

The train slowed and I stood up hitting my head on the top of the train compartment rather soundly before I ducked cursing a bit through my teeth. I stepped off the train and I knew the humans inside let out a collective sigh though the sight of the one waiting for me caused a few more distress as they were shuffling around, and pretending not to notice someone who literally glowed, had white hair and ears longer than mine own and eminated a powerful aura. Let them leave, still pretending demons and other creatures of magica do not exist to their tiny homes and repetitive lives.

My escort turned away from me walking down the stairs to the streets without a word. "Not even a 'hello' master?" I sarcastically called out. Even I had to run to catch up with his long strides. "I thought I was to stay away."

"You ate my owl."

Well, yes I was hungry. The damn thing woke me up so I ate it. "You're stalling." He stopped suddenly and I waited.

"Your ears." He muttered softly not bothering to look back.

"Yes, soemthing I have to live with now." I touched the now very long ears that protruded from my hair. They were very sensitive to the touch and I decided I don't like them. It makes me hear things, quite literally from a legion away and the humans talk too damn much. How the hell Lunar could have ears three times mine and not go crazy was beyond me.

I realizing why he may have called for me, there was something about the way he smelled, something not right with him. "Your demon blood wakes brother." I stilled when he looked over his shoulder and coldly stared back at me, pinpricks of red hinting along the edges of blue green.

It was then I noticed the collar quite similar to my own and understood my returning. Time to train.

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