Friday, May 8, 2009

It was fun to poke this thing.

The brass device chimed every time I touched it and the sound was rather soothing in comparison to the other sounds out there even those unheard.

"Am I annoying you?" I asked but received no answer. Well if I didn't annoy him his silence certainly annoyed me. Lunar was probably the only soul in the universe that I could not hear.

No I can hear his words just fine I just can't hear his 'thoughts.' Everyone broadcasts thoughts, it is all around us like the astral I take my energies from. I hear so many sometimes I prefer to freeze myself in stasis and just sleep for awhile. Now with the damn ears I can hear spoken words just as much as the unspoken ones... all except Lunar's.

He was busy writing something so I craned my neck and started to read. They were orders for materials that seemed to be some large scale project. The only reason I knew it was for a dam was the letterhead said 'The Damn Dam Project.'

"Tensai needs that much C4?" That wasn't a requisition that was an arsenal.

He finally set aside his quill and looked up at me. His skin in some parts were cracking. Odd I hadn't seen this before.

"I overstock." He grinned and I watched the normal looking skin flake away from the corners of his mouth. His smile faded and he stood up turning his back to me favoring to look into the fire for a few more silent minutes.

"What's happening to you?" It was the rather large elephant in the room and I had to ask.

"A repercussion of binding myself to the moon." I looked down at my own hands and noticed no change. "No... you wouldn't have that problem." He didn't turn around and after a few minutes I was about to go to sleep when he spoke again.

"I need you to take that to Steeltopia to Emperor Cobra directly, don't bother speaking to anyone else. Fly in his window if you have to."

"I wanted to be here for the trial." I eyed his back and glared, "You're not sending me away so I can't be here for that are you... master?" I hissed the last part out.

He sighed and looked over his shoulder, "He would know my owl as she used to be our direct form of mail to each other but you ate her."

"I thought she was food. Wait a minute, I'm your replacement owl?"

"Yes, unless you think its beneath you."

I thought about it for a minute and shrugged a shoulder. I am out of stasis, the Magdalene Order doesn't have me leashed in some damp basement to be used as target practice to the sister trainees... so why not?

"Or you could stay here all the time and let Tensai experiment on you."

That was a threat. He must have really liked that owl. I grabbed the paper and rolled it up. "I'm staying for the trial, then I'll go."

As I walked to the elevator I heard him laughing very softly.

I unrolled the paper and read it a bit knowing the C4 was not just an overkill for the job but a present for his crazy wife. "Heh, sucker." I wanted to smile but I just couldn't.

'I thought you were dead.' Sister Kate's voice was none to harsh when she last saw me. 'You are not welcome here demon.'

'I just want to stay here for awhile longer. I don't care what you do to me.'

Why did I return to that place after I was revived?

Better yet, why did he revive me?

Lunar has still never answered that one.

I looked up to the top floor windows of the town hall to see a shadow looking down at me. She once told me there was a reason for everything, that we were supposed to meet... that our lives are not some random act of nature but a detailed plan of Him.

But I am a demon I shouldn't fall under those lines... should I?

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