Sunday, May 24, 2009

"She wanted to... WHAT!?!"

I saw the edges of his lips twitch upwards as he leaned back in his seat with an amused smug look on his face. I felt the heat rush to my cheeks and slapped my hands over my face. "I... when did women become so.... brazen?"

"You're new to Steelhead, that proposal is nothing." He crossed his legs and began to inspect something behind a long nail.

I closed my eyes and placed a hand over the collar around my neck. "Maeglin Eledhwen Súrion." When I called him by his name in his native tongue he looked up at me. "Why am I alive?"

"Because you have to be."

"No, you revived me seven times."

He stared at me cocking his head to the side slightly.

That's right... this Lunar only saved my life twice and I had to smile at his confusion remembering something that happened long ago... or long ahead.

This time, plane of existence was still new to me. The last time I 'lived' here was about the 1930's, when I was hornless and been sealed away by the order.

It had been the time she unsealed me and I was with her... and lost her.

We had died, so I thought. My body should have crumbled away but instead I was 'awoken' by Lunar, the future Lunar.

'Wha... wait... I'm not dead?' I looked down to my small hands noting I was still in my childlike form. It was then I noticed my surroundings, I was in some sort of... cellar with a single light over the steel table I had been resting on.

I wasn't alone, there was someone standing a few feet from me staring at me holding a thick syringe with some green thick liquid inside. He took a step into the light and I gasped, he looked... like me, a blue green eyed... me. But he had long stark white hair... just like Aion, the mortal enemy I had killed... we had killed.

I flew backwards in an attempt to defend myself but my body didn't cooperate and I ended up on my back instead taking the surgical table to the floor as well.

"Who the hell are you?"

"I am not Aion." He whispered.

"How did you... ?"

A sad look came into his eyes and he tilted his head downwards casting a shadow to his features, "I once knew this doctor, that was a long time ago. I have been saving this for you."

The thought made me sigh in relief but if I was alive... I was about to ask about her when he shook his head.

"She was mortal." He put the syringe away in a suitcase and closed it.

"I should have died! It was important to me!" I made a promise to her, my life would not extend beyond hers.

"You did die so your promise is kept."

I shut my mouth wondering how he knew about that.

The man took a step forward this time into the full light and I stared at his features, he wasn't a pursuer, he wasn't a sinner... he wasn't even a demon but he was no human there was a hint of strong magic I could tell he had a different form. Over his trench coat he carried a long chain with a pocket watch on it that was running backwards.

Was this... another soul watch?

"Who are you?"

"You are given an option, you may end your life, or you can begin another." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a heavy pocket watch with clamps holding its side together.

It was mine, hers. I stood up on wobbly legs and grabbed it out of his hands. I didn't know him, he shouldn't be touching this! "Why are you doing this?"

"I too have a promise."

I was confused and he didn't elaborate. He just stood there staring down at me.

"Consider this my gift to you." He raised a hand and touched my forehead with a finger. Instantly I felt a surge of astral flood into me to such a degree it felt as though a light had hit every vein in my being. This astral felt different, magnified from the astral that my horns collected, suddenly I felt something unlock... hidden deep inside. I felt... life, not just the life from the vein of humans but life from... the earth? What did this mean?

Just as it came it went as he retracted his hand. I stood dizzily before leaning over the upturned table as my body began to grow into its true form. Wings protruded and began to flap about hitting the wall wildly before drooping tiredly to the ground.

My hand went over my heart and I looked up to the man who stood before me. A prominent crescent moon stood clear from the middle of his forehead. "What are you?"

"You have met me before, six times."

Six times? He smiled at my confusion before turning around, putting a fedora on his head and opening the door to the cellar walking out leaving the door open for me...

"What now?"

"Chronos." Lunar muttered, "What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing." I lied and he probably knew it.

He shrugged as he stood up, "They Order is on me again."

Ugh I hated those nuns at times, "What do they want this time?"

"For me to prove you're my brother for me to keep you."

"Half brother. Anyway why bother you don't believe it yourself."

"Well I asked Tensai to find a connection, they want more than looks as hard evidence. I too can change forms remember?" He smiled and reached out ruffing my hair between my horns, "Don't worry I won't let them take you away again."

I batted his hands away, "Yeah yeah, stop that already. Aren't you younger than me anyway?"

"Time doesn't exist for you so how do you know." He held up the pocket watch that ran backwards and I stared at the thing remembering the 'first' time I saw him with it. "Tomorrow Tensai is going to take a sample of your blood so behave for her."

"okay..." I muttered feeling very tired. "What's wrong with the collar, I'm tired again."

"Talk to Tensai about it, she created it to control your astral since you're horns are bigger than before." He reached up tugging at the right horn, "Why do you mask your true form?"

"To look more normal, if I really try I can get rid of the horns altogether but it takes a lot of astral to hold up that facade."

"Well that's why you're tired, you're using a strong mask."

"Maybe I should revert to the form that takes less astral, but I look like a child. Hey they wont want to bite my ass if I did that."

"But they'd pinch your cheeks instead."

I sighed hard.

"Do not worry you fit in just fine." He gave me a smile again and I saw that sad look in his eyes before leaving. I sat back on his couch and looked into the fire. It was Doctor Timeless' fault for leaving me here in the past. I could put myself in stasis but... I would want to wake up before she died again just to see her again and it would be dangerous.

Suddenly everything became too difficult and I was tired. I laid on the couch and shut my eyes, I could go home but I was tired and Lunar's couch was soft. Maybe I should eat his new owl, I heard she pooped on Lunar's desk and he wasn't happy with her.

Yes... I'll eat her.

And with the thought of my next unauthorized snack I drifted off to sleep.

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