Friday, May 15, 2009

I stayed away mostly because Tensai seemed pretty pissed off.

I leaned over the pediment looking down as she exited the grand doors of city hall stomping so heavily that I could feel the ground shaking with her wrath, her aura lit up like a bon fire in her anger.

I ducked as she bent over, picked up a rock and threw it towards the Europan Consulate missing it completely of course but that was her intended pathway for the stone. After seething she pressed something on her wristband and the blinding lights of her teleporter flooded the street as the rings loudly enveloped her. I raised a hand to cover my eyes and after a moment she and the noise disappeared.

I slipped off the stone statue I was holding onto and ducked into the city hall climbing slowly to the upstairs office. His long white hair draped around him as he seemed almost asleep on the couch in front of the crackling fireplace with a long fuzzy white pelt surrounding him. One blue green eye opened before it stared at me and closed again. "You heard even while you were away?"

"My ears are long enough." He muttered.

"I know its not my business...." I had heard of the odd happenings in town, a clone of sorts came in or something and everyone was upset.... or something. I just froze myself in stasis and slept for awhile not having much to do unless my brother was home.

I would hate to be left alone in town then I would have to deal with... that woman and her sword. I growled unknowingly because Lunar was staring at me with a single eyebrow arched. "Sorry."

"Its not worth my time to explain it and not worth your time to hear it." He stated as a matter of factly. "Besides... its all my fault."

I frowned not liking the words he was saying. I knew of someone like Lunar, my previous contractor... always taking the damn blame for things. "How is this your fault? Please elaborate for me because I have shit for brains."

"I don't really know." He smiled it being obviously forced, "But I am to blame and I would rather take that blame then fight it and drive a rift here."

I could have beaten him his own damn leg... "You're a fucking idiot!"


I seethed in anger, the collar around my neck aching madly ready to break and unleash the destructive force inside. When my knees hit the ground I gulped in much needed air. My face met the ground and I felt dizzy and very tired.

"The more you fight it, the more it takes." He calmly stated.

His calm demeanor pissed me off more than the fucking collar. "How long have you subdued yourself dumbass?" I watched him fold his legs and look out the window reaching up slightly to play with the ring on the collar of his neck.

"You traveled a lot didn't you, in the past. You followed your fathers footsteps, you wanted to see what he was up to when he was alive." He looked down at me, a little red bleeding into his eyes.

"What did you call yourself back then, when you traveled in Japan?"

He stood up, glaring down at me from the edge of his nose. Calm facade my ass. Lunar just walked away leaving me there on the ground. Before he reached the elevator door I muttered a name he probably had not heard in a very long time. "Sesshoumaru."

He stilled for a moment before leaving me alone altogether.

"So you have unsealed your demon self before." I laughed hard for no reason before I ran out of air to breathe again. I was lying on something soft and felt the bear pelt underneath me. I don't know why I like to push Lunar on edge I just do it. Maybe its because he's family and not like the others.

I came from a place where we lived in a hive collective. We were all brothers and sisters and through the power of astral were able to absorb thoughts and feelings of others. It was like a giant family without being related, 'she' was all our mothers... that fallen angel. Sometimes I miss that place, the hearts of man is erratic and cruel.

I think I annoy Lunar sometimes but he doesn't understand where I came from, I need that connection. But maybe he does and that's why he brought me here.

This isn't so bad... I dragged myself out of the office, wings drooped entirely as I caught scent of apple pie. I like pie and they always let me have a slice. Maybe he was right to chose the more difficult path, this place was kind of nice.

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