Thursday, June 18, 2009


An owl perched on the windowsill and I just stared at it for a moment before closing my eyes and leaning my head on the stone chair.

It dropped a scroll it was carrying on the ground.

Before it had a chance to fly away my arm shot out and fingers wrapped around its little neck as I brought it closer to me, its wings flapped and it screamed out and I stared at it for a moment before letting it go. "Today you live little friend."

The scroll sat there staring up at me so I picked it up and stilled seeing the Magdalene order seal on it.

After we died they were NOT happy to see me resurrected again. They sealed me in her tomb as punishment, then after I left but they were always a shadow looming over me. They only tolerated me because she did and now that she was gone I was a target again for their insurrection of hate towards demons. 'Control him' became 'cage him' then 'subjugate him' ... then 'kill him.'

But that is in the future. Odd knowing when you're going to die... and completely unable to do anything about it. I would trade a million of my years and my own black soul to save her. Yet even though I can stop time completely I cannot start it over again, nor can I exist anywhere where I have already existed... meaning I can't wait for the future and save her... or even make sure she could not find me and unseal me.

Life is a bitch that way it seems.

'TotalLunar Eclipse...

Tensai Eclipse's blood analysis as to the request we made is very convincing evidence as to prove your relationship to the demon, though we are requesting our own unbiased scientific examination to confirm it. I am sorry your request was denied for extension on keeping the demon out of stasis during the duration. Please seal him and send him back to the labs for further testing. - Sister Kate'

The paper fell to the ground in a crumpled heap.

The order, or Nuns with Guns as its known now in this time didn't even start hunting down demons and demon worshippers until the turn of the century close to 1910's when the first mass devil worshipping was founded and they began to take action against those that summoned them and the demons that stole the souls of others.

Maybe my being back here changed something, caused a rift to go in another way.

'You're in heat brother.' That too was still on my mind. I wasn't connected to the consciousness of Pandemonium anymore, we felt each other's emotions like a common collective. When the collective let out that carnal frustration it was a mass release of base satisfaction. Some wouldn't even live through it. But they were demons, here its a bunch of humans... and I wasn't sated as I was with a thousand others feeling my own feelings ripping into my mind and painfully destroying my conscious apart as our bodies satisfied each other.

Yes it was carnal but I'm a damn demon.

The elf side of me would scream in horror and somehow others found it attractive. Oddly I would as well, I am a soldier demon I do as I'm told but when it comes to that time... I am not myself. Since I was half elf my mind was always capable of going against any orders given. That's why I was labeled a Sinner. I could go further than others, I could mentally destroy others in lust and rage... I have before.

The small church I called home didn't seem home anymore for some reason. After last night and being repeatedly mocked and made to feel like shit I realized maybe I shouldn't have come here at all. Lunar said he needed me... well I can't be here anymore not with the way I've been treated. They don't know how to NOT play with fire and I can't restrain myself any longer.

Maybe... I should go to stasis again.

I gave the good scroll a kick.

So I'm to be packaged up and ready to be shipped off like some object... FINE.

Now to wait until they come for me knowing them will be real soon.

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  1. *hisses*

    How dare they mock and mistreat you! And now you are...leaving? But...

    *screams and rips items into shreds*