Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Stand still demon!"

How still could one stand!?!

Impatient nun.

I sighed and held out both my hands palms upwards, a cold pair of shackles were slapped on. They were heavier than last time and had a lot more magic added. Instantly I felt tired and dizzy.

"Don't fall over!"

Another nun grabbed the link of chain at my neck and pulled it.

"What is this?" She asked.

"My collar of subjugation." I didn't want to tell her but couldn't refuse being so tired.

"What are the commands?"

Oddly... I didn't know. Lunar just never used them on me. I never went out of line... well I can't say never.

They bound my wings together painfully and the appendages drooped on the ground and just went limp with the other set of chains around them and my horns.

"Time to go, Chronos."

I nodded already knowing what awaited me. There was a large box waiting for me on the back of a horse drawn carriage. it wasn't a coffin but reminded me of one. I laid inside and closed my eyes as the nuns laid the lid on saying prayers to the One for my sake.

Am I being saved, or being punished?

As I drifted off into sleep I smiled remembering the fun time I had albeit was short... I had found reason to laugh again. Is this goodbye? I doubt it, the young Lunar is quite stubborn. So its... see you later.

- Chronos Sinner

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