Friday, August 21, 2009

"Just look at those horns, and those ears my goodness." Dark eyes studied the top of the tall demons head with intense scrutiny before reaching into one of his endless pockets on the frock coat he was wearing pulling out a tailors measuring tape and holding it out the length of the long curved horns, "Two meters now that's the biggest I've seen yet." He grinned putting the tape back into his pocket. "Almost wonder what you've been eating."

"Just some random human children." Chronos sarcastically bit out. The demon did not seem as pleased to see the gentleman even though it meant leaving the confines of his prison. He took note of the crumbled structure around him, "Your work?" He asked motioning to the broken walls with clawed hands.

"Nah... well..." The English fellow trailed off before heading down the stairs that spiraled around the partly underground silo.

"Where are the nuns?" Chronos finally asked remembering his captors.

"They took off."

"Doctor, what are you doing here?" He finally asked. Years ago before his horns were restored Chronos the Sinner, devoid of his horns had to revert back into child form to not waste the astral energy that kept him alive. He was found by an elder man in his early adult years and from then on the two of them traveled together for years... until one day the child found himself stranded in a time and place he was unfamiliar with and was left alone.

"Hold out your hands." Pulling out a small thin apparatus he rested against the chained shackles. The object emanated a high pitch noise causing the demon to start. "Now what is this." With new found interest he leaned closer, pulling down the glasses setting on top of his head to take a better look, "Now that... is interesting."

"My collar? It binds me."

"Binds you, from what?"

The demon leaned down to stare at the ancient man, "From stealing souls."

"Ohh that's all behind you now anyways." He waved off the exasperated demon. "We have work to do, lets go."

"Wait, what?" He followed after the gentleman, "What about the nuns..."

The Doctor waved his hand, "Oh they're alright I made provisions for you."

"I can't believe that they would just release me."

"Well a few ran away when they saw the airship flying into the wall of the monastery."

The demon put his hands on his head following the shorter man in a top hat carrying a cane, "What are you doing and what do you mean we have work to do?" Upset he wasn't getting any answers he stopped walking

"Doctor." The demon growled, "You left me in New York a hundred years before I came to this plane of existence, Pandemonium hasn't happened yet."

"Well we can just forget about that for now."

Violet eyes wide the demon couldn't possibly say anything else.

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