Sunday, July 19, 2009

She was scared... and she had every right to be.

The solid granite blocks were slashed deeply exposing the metal plates that was an extra line of defense, heaps of metal lay in scraps from what used to be the roof.... I was a bad captive.

The sister that looked through the bars from a hundred feet up gasped in horror. I had to grin.

"Chronos the Sinner, slayer of a thousand demons, he who was once hornless... answer me." A voice came from above.

I cocked my head to the side wondering who from this era knew exactly who I was. Instead of answering from down on the ground I decided I wanted to speak to my captors face to face. I gouged the walls with my claws and climbed up the narrow silo until I was up close to the bars.

"That's far enough Sinner."

I instantly recognized the voice, "You..."

Another face appeared above and I grabbed the bars to clear my eyes from the stay down in the dark for so long. "Is that you... Doctor?"

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