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50 years in the future set in New York circa 1920

"He's dangerous!" The mother superior just about had enough of this age old argument with the young stubborn girl. "I will not allow you to remain here if you bring along that... creature!"

"He is NOT dangerous, he's my friend!"

Sister Kate slammed her hands on the oak table and stood up, "He's a demon Rosette! He will turn on you the moment you turn around, on all of us!"

The blond girl glared her blue eyes at the mother superior as she stood in that giant room filled with religious antiques dressed in dirty filthy torn clothing and mud stuck to her hair and dirt on her face. "Chronos is not like that!" She balled her fists tightly as tears began to pour down her cheeks.

The elder sister sighed at the girl's stubbornness to see the truth and sighed speaking in a softer voice, "Child, he is not human, he is not a pet, and he is not a friend." She noted the heavy brass watch around her neck that ticked slowly and ominously different from the rest of the clocks in the room, "And he's slowly killing you."

Rosette put her hand on the watch that she carried on a chain around her neck, with tears streaming down her face she screamed out, "This is MY choice!" before turning around, stomping out of the room and slamming the door shut. A few pictures were knocked from the nails holding them up, crashing to the ground shattering the glass. The mother superior put a hand to her face and took off her glasses pinching the bridge of her nose tightly.

A man chuckled heartily, "That went better than last time." He had been sitting on the couch the entire time, a young man in his early 20s with golden hair in blue.

"Father Remington... what am I going to do with that girl?"

"You're going about this all wrong Sister Kate." He stood from the couch and walked over to survey the damage done holding up a shard of glass eye level. "She just lost her brother to the clutches of that evil demon, you're asking her to give up the rest of her family... that demon."

"I can't let that demon stay here, I will take the girl she has promise... but not that creature."

"That isn't wise Sister."

"You're asking me to take a demon into holy ground, that's sacrilegious!"

"It's practical. He needs her to live, she needs him to live... and we need them to find the dark one and put an end to this war."

The nun sat down and folded her arms bowing her head, silently staring through tiny glasses at the file on her desk of one Rosette Christopher... an orphan. It was not her the Magdalene order was interested in, it was her brother with the almost inhuman ability to heal others. Yet a demon came and stole this boy... a demon the girl and her pet demon knew. She didn't like this one bit but perhaps Father Remington was right... this time. She held up a hand, "I must speak to the order heads."

"No need." the young priest stood up.

"What do you mean? You did not go over my head again!"

"Sister, they don't have the time for politics." She was about to protest when he cut her off, "She's dying... remember?" He placed a hat on his head and walked out of the office shutting the door softly behind him sparing the sisters pictures.

He walked down a narrow corridor and down a spiral staircase. The door to his car was open, a small thin boy that appeared no older than ten sat with his feet hanging out swinging back and fourth, long violet hair unkempt about his face. His pale face looked up, and red eyes met with his before the boy looked back down to the ground and began swinging his feet again completely unlike his companion. He found her fuming as she stomped around the car using all sorts of vulgarity he had never heard a young woman use before in the most interesting ways.

He leaned on the car and folded his arms waiting until she noticed him. When she finally did she stared at him wide eyed with a blush on her cheeks, "Well Rosette... how would you like to be a nun?"

52 years in the future

"God damn it!"

"Rosette you shouldn't say things like that. You're in a church." He sipped his soup from a spoon not bothering on turning to his companion to address her.

"The whole damn place is a church!" She sat down straddling the chair in the most unelegant way possible and took the bowl of soup from her companion and held it up to her lips before snorting it down loudly.

The boy looked down at the now empty spot there had been a bowl of soup and sighed, "You didn't have to eat mine." after a moment and her silent pensive state he questioned, "What did she say?"

"She says I'm too careless."

He nodded his head knowing that she must have slammed the door, kicked and screamed her way here. No wonder the mess hall was empty everyone must have abandoned ship. "Rosette?" He watched her as she stared off quietly, "You ok?"

She shook her head, "She needs to get laid major."

Chronos looked up the ceiling and rolled her eyes, "And here I was worrying about you."

53 years in the future

Chronos sat on top of the church looking down into the courtyard where a row of young nuns in blue dresses and white habbits stood as the young priest walked down the line, shaking their hands in succession.

Something inside him squeezed painfully watching the young blond girl reach out and shake his hand, smiling brilliantly at the priest accepting her fate as a nun... a member of the order meant being a demon hutress, exterminator.

In the three years they had been together, she was growing up whereas he was perpetually stuck in this small form as she surpassed his height. But it would never last, she gave her soul to feed his life... she came to this place to learn to hunt and destroy demons... all to save her brothers soul.

Would this change her?

Would she one day turn on him?

She caught him looking from the dormers of the old cathedral and held her mouth open with her fingers as she stuck her tongue out at him.

He sighed... maybe not.

55 years in the future...

"There is never enough time." She whispered softly.

He stopped and stared at her watching the tall nun stand looking out over the city. She never once complained, never once got tired, never once uttered anything about the burden she had to carry until now... time was always against her. That watch she carried drained her life and fed him because his horns were broken off and he could not gather the astral to live.

She turned to him and smiled, "You... you'll always be the same won't you?"

It was the curse of the immortals... a curse to see those you love the most grow and die. Why was she talking like this, where was the swearing and yelling and throwing things? "Are you in pain?" He whispered, choking a bit on his words.

"Idiot." She smiled and whispered good natured bonking his head lightly with a fist. The smile faded, "I'm not going to find him in time am I?" He opened his mouth to answer and she cut him off, "Don't answer that, I will find him."

He smiled, that was more the girl he remembered...

56 years in the future...

Red eyes slowly opened and were met with a pair of green blue eyes surrounded by stark white hair. Chronos flew back hitting his head on the wall realizing he was in a tiny room. As he struggled about in the tiny room the tall figure stood there staring at him calmly and silently. He finally quieted down and resigned himself to kneel on the ground tired of fighting against his reawakening body and the claustrophobia of this room before the man finally spoke, "I am not Aion."

Aion.. that nefarious demon that was the cause of so much pain in his life. Yet how did this stranger know who Aion is, or even his name? Or for that matter... "How did you revive me? I was dead!"

"I have been saving this for you." He replaced an empty syringe in a velvet lined case and shut it softly.

Chronos realized if he was alive then... she... the man stared blankly into his eyes before shaking his head knowing what that hopeful look was.

"She was mortal." Is all the answer he gave.

"I should have died! It was important to me!"

"You did so your promise is kept." The man took a step forward in the moonlight, this being the first time Chronos had laid eyes upon his features. He wasn't a pursuer... or a sinner... or a demon for that matter but he was no human and there was a strong presence of magic that was manifesting in a different form and at a greater magnitude than he had ever felt before.

"Who are you?"

"You are given an option, you may end your life, or you can begin another." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a heavy pocket watch with clamps holding its side together. Chronos reached out swiping the watch out of his hands unsure about how this man or demon or beast got a hold of this. "Why are you doing this?"

"Consider this my gift to you." He raised a hand and touched the demons forehead with a finger staring at the demons wide red eyes and hitched breath as a light shimmer covered his body and he began to grow in size from a young boy to a tall man. Wings protruded and began to flap about hitting the wall wildly before drooping tiredly to the ground and two lumps began to form at his temples protruding out of the skin causing blood to drip over his pale skin.

The man retracted his hand and stood over the demon staring at him for a bit longer before turning around and leaving him there.

Chronos felt the full pain of his still growing horns and the instant surge of power as they immediately began to collect astral to recover his body. He stumbled out of the room into the night as he held a heavy watch in one hand. Wandering like a drunk he kept to the shadows out of sight before colliding into a wooden object. He looked up at the police box and stared a bit wondering how out of place this was.

The door opened and a young man in a tweed suit came out and clapped his hands happily until he noticed the dark figure standing close to him. "What the devil..."

"Demon..." Chronos whispered before falling over, the world spinning until it was all black.

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