Thursday, September 17, 2009

My eyes hath seen...

They say that order is begat from chaos.

They also say that life is a full circle, that you end exactly where you begin and you begin where you'll eventually end.

I was born in Pandemonium. It is not only a place in the underworld, it is a person as well. She is our mother, our queen, our mind. Unlike my collective brother's and sisters, I was born from her, not grown from the legion that infest my black blood. Our minds were as one, we were a family in hell. I was not the only one like myself... I had a brother... his name was Aion.

Being directly descendants of angel blood we were different, and eventually along with Aion we sought freedom from the collective. He said it would be freedom, he said it would be a revolution... he lied to me.

I helped lead a coup de ta and killed my own brothers and sisters to overthrow our mother, Aion succeeded in killing her. The other nobles in the family caught us, and cast us from hell branding us the name... Sinner.

So I am Chronos the Sinner, I carry that title with great weight.

From all the evil I have ever done... the worst of it all was to take the life of a young woman, a nun. I killed her, took her soul to feed mine... yet here she was standing right in front of me.

From chaos to order.

Full circle indeed.


The demon stood there, eyes impossibly wide.

She blinked a few times trying to focus on the other person in the TARDIS the Doctor was speaking to. From all the time she'd been here she never once saw him bring someone into the ship, he didn't speak much of himself and so she rewarded him by telling him none of herself either... you had to give to get... that was always her policy.

Yet when things went into focus she could only stare at the shocked face of an impossibly tall man that wore a bunch of leather and... had... big... black... wings.

She blinked.... "AIIIEEEE!!!" Instantly there was a gun aimed at the demon, "Stay back Doctor!" She warned the man keeping her gun aimed between his eyes. He stared and a sort of sad expression crossed his face.

"Rose where did you get that gun?" He had never for a moment thought she could have something like that... and in his ship none the less.

She narrowed her eyes at the demon who made no move to run or cower, "These bullets are infused with holy water."

"I know."

"It can kill you!" She warned and the demon merely stood there nodding his head as though he understood what she was going to do. She'd never seen a demon like this before, usually she encountered lesser blob things or possessed creatures or... rodents. This was a full up full fledged high class demon. She shook, frightened that her bullets would be no match for this creature. The Doctor took a step between her and the demon standing in the path of the gun.

"He won't kill me, or you."

She narrowed her eyes at him, "You're a demon worshipper, aren't you?"

Demon worshipper... The Doctor could only smile at that accusation. He had been called many things, that was a first for demon worshipper. "No Rose, he is one of my companions. And he is a member of the Order of Magdalene as yourself it would seem." He reached up and held his lapels as the girl stared in shock. "Put the gun down Rose, or... Rosette."

The gun shook in her hands as she lowered the barrel. The demon made no move, though she still saw his eyes staring intently at her the entire time. "You've got a lot of explaining to do." She glared at the Doctor.

"As yourself, how did you sneak such a thing on my ship without my notice?" He held out his hand expecting her to hand the gun to him. She hesitated and after a moment placed it in his hands. Such a curious thing, different from its more dangerous counterpart that shoots regular bullets. This is obviously a blessed holy object. Still... he opened a drawer and placed the gun inside closing it and making sure it did not open. "Why don't you wait in the parlour Rose?" She nodded but before walking off she turned to make sure the monster didn't follow after.

Turning around he saw the sad eyes of Chronos the Sinner. Reddish violet eyes turned to him and he felt the full brunt of pain and true suffering in that look.

Chronos finally opened his mouth and whispered, "Doctor... what have you done?"

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  1. What is it about nuns with guns that seems so... right?

    Excellent stuff as always! I'm dying to know more about Chronos and The Doctor :)