Saturday, October 31, 2009

In this I am.

I watched her play with the dogs at the dog park. She was laughing, playing and just so... alive.

I would resort to stalker, let her never remember me... at least she was alive.

- Memories of Chronos the Sinner

"I am sorry Chrono, I really am." The doctor placed his hand on the demon's shoulder, his wing instinctively unfurled knocking his hand away before stalking off into the recesses of the TARDIS perhaps to the place he used to nest in when he used to be a companion of his. The demon stopped at the edge of the wall and in one leap he was in the rafters, sitting with his back towards the doctor laying his wings against the metal and silently sitting there in revere.

The doctor bowed his head silently folding his arms in reprieve at how all the events and persons he had come across and especially all the things he had done to transpired into this. Rose was a young girl, filthy, dirty and living in the back streets of New York about the 1920's. He was there investigating reports of various fluctuations of odd waves of time when he found her, cold and alone. Promising never to get involved he merely watched day after day as she would come into the alley where the box stood and climb into the garbage can to sleep. Eventually their paths crossed and he found out she had run away from a monastery.

She had eventually returned to the order until he saw that she had been harmed over and over again. After that he took her in.

She was Chronos' partner, he could tell now after seeing the demon's eyes in recognition. Somehow the shift in time he was investigating caused a few incidents to not happen, Rosette did not unseal the demon Chronos the Sinner, her brother Joshua was killed, she still joined the order but never became the demon fighting nun without her partner and the drive of finding her long lost possessed brother, and in that scene... she never died.

How to fix this? Perhaps he couldn't. He had not done this, and he had no clue what to do to fix it.

Sighing loudly he decided he would have to sit down with Rose and tell her a few things. He found her sitting on the floor wrapped in a thick blanket, her blue eyes looking up at him sternly. "Rose... Rosette, you have nothing to fear of the demon."

"I know." She whispered looking off somewhere else, "I've seen a lot of demons." She started, "I'm not afraid of them, I used to get in trouble for that you know. I once saw a high class demon, not a little legion a full noble like that winged guy you're friends with... I wasn't afraid of him."

"You're not afraid of Chronos."

"Is that his name." She whispered.

"You know him Rosette..." She looked up at him, cold blue eyes staring in disbelief as he knelt beside her. "... and I want to tell you how you know him."

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