Monday, July 6, 2009

Not forgotten...

I was in an awkward position when I finally stirred.

I awoke to find myself in a dark room, my eyes immediately adjust to the darkness to see myself in a circular stone room. There is no door anywhere around me. There is a light though, and its several hundred feet up.

Did they just open the casket and throw me down here?

"I thought you nuns were supposed to be compassionate!"

Yelling just made me more mad. My wings were sore so there was no spreading them out, besides the round silo they dropped me in was too narrow for me to fly up.

I brushed my forehead and realized I still had a fever... a sure sign I was still in heat. This wasn't good... not good at all. Soon my mind was going to go feral, I could tell that from my racing heart. And I don't think the nuns knew the... state I am in.

Sitting down I wrapped my arms around my legs and leaned my chin on my knees. I raised a finger and made a single scratch on the rock wall to mark my days in captivity.

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